Shed light on the dark funnel

Track activity across your dark funnel in one place and spot hidden pockets of high-intent user behavior across channels like Slack, LinkedIn, GitHub, Reddit, and many more.

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How does Common Room help?

Uncover high-intent & high-fit prospects hidden in dark social channels

Right prospect, right time, right message. Common Room identifies, enriches, and unifies activity across every traceable channel so your team can reach out with context.

Enhance lead scoring models with dark-funnel signal

Better models yield better growth outcomes. Inform your CRM’s lead scoring models with high-intent signals across “dark social” channels like Slack, Discord, LinkedIn, Reddit, and more.

Unify your view of the end-to-end customer journey to place smarter bets

Measure the direct pipeline and revenue impact of your investments into social, community, or other “hard-to-measure” channels to uncover and execute on new growth opportunities that your competitors aren’t taking advantage of.

Don’t just take our word for it.

"Using data from Common Room, I can create a metrics map that shows me how well certain activities correlate to our North Star metric. From there, I can see which bets are working, where to optimize, and which activities to stop."

  • Esther Kim Trapadoux

    Esther Kim Trapadoux

    Growth Marketing

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"Thanks to Common Room, our team now has better visibility into the user journey, and we can start to understand the pipeline and revenue impact of community investments—mapping DevRel and community activities to real dollars—for the first time as an organization."

  • Amelia Mango

    Amelia Mango

    Head of Marketing

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"Common Room has unlocked important insights into the community-led model that powers our product and growth."

  • Claire Butler

    Claire Butler

    Senior Director of Marketing

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