You are a product-driven organization

You share a mission and vision with the people who use your services

That's way, way bigger than just software

You share knowledge, ideas, code, roadmaps,

And a belief that growth is best when it's led by

Your champions, your advocates

Your community.

We believe there's a better way

For organizations to build, innovate, and engage with their customers

We're on a mission to enable a new type of relationship

Based on authenticity, collaboration, and community –

A better way to build relationships with the people who matter most

Anywhere they are.

Welcome to Common Room.

Who We’re For

Leaders across organizations use Common Room to connect with the people in their communities.

Community Leaders want to identify, nurture, and support product champions.

Revenue Leaders Product Leaders Customer Leaders Marketing Leaders Community Leaders


Software adoption is fundamentally changing. Today, the people in your community are your best advocates and most important contributors.

Common Room gives you a unified view of whatโ€™s happening across platforms โ€”

โ€” Twitter, Slack, GitHub, Discourse, Discord, Intercom, Meetup, and more.


Common Room is built in partnership with incredible community-focused organizations.

Photograph of Tammy Bryant Butow
The Gremlin community is the strongest force in shaping what we build, and Common Room helps us understand whatโ€™s important to them faster.

Tammy Bryant Butow

Principal Site Reliability Engineer, Gremlin

Clubhouse Figma Gremlin Confluent Imply OpenAI Contra Pulumi Coda OpenAI Roam Starburst


We'll be there for you

Because you're there for us too.

Join Uncommon, the gathering place for anyone interested in connecting with community-minded people. Uncommonโ€™s pioneer members lead communities at people- and product-focused organizations.

Shahed Khan
Co-Founder, Loom

Kate Taylor
Head of Customer Experience, Notion

Joshua Zerkel
CPO, Head of Global Engagement Marketing, Asana

Be heard

We believe itโ€™s better to work together to define and redefine the best ways to put people and communities at the center of product innovation.

Be supported

Hiring for a community leader? Looking for a role that focuses on building relationships with people? Uncommon will highlight opportunities to support your search.

Be connected

Build relationships beyond your organization, connect with people who share your passion, and join us for events, digital high-fives, and surprises.


We affectionately call ourselves "Roomies."

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