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Your community is everywhere, but it's easy to feel like you're in the dark when trying to extract actionable insights and measure community outcomes.

Shine a light on your community and your growth with Common Room.

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For community teams

Common Room pairs machine learning powered insights and enrichment with powerful engagement and reporting tools to help you build, manage, and measure strong communities.
Get actionable insights with real-time community intelligence
See your entire community across platforms with enriched unified member profiles including activities, impact, and sentiment.
See everything that matters in one view
Track the topics, discussions, and activities that are impacting your community so you can take informed action.
Create more engagement with less work
Automate engagement with context to deliver the right message at the right time to the right people.
Don’t just explain your team’s impact, show it.
Customizable automated reporting helps you keep track of your community health and your team’s impact in the community and on the business.

“Since switching to Common Room’s welcome message workflow, not only do I get more replies from new members, but they’re introducing themselves to our full community a lot more too.”

For DevRel teams

Common Room provides intelligent insights, automated workflows, and custom reporting, so you can scale and measure your impact.
Activate your champions
Identify current and emerging champions then nurture, amplify, and recognize them.
Inform your user-led roadmap
Get a holistic view of what your community wants and needs to help build products your customers love (and keep loving).
Improve your user experience
Amplify community-led support and best practice sharing to improve your user experience and help them get full value out of your product.
Go to where your users are
Combine user attributes with geolocation data to build and execute your meet-up and event plans.

“We had nearly 1000 new members join our Platform Engineering community last month. With Common Room Workflows, we were able to individually welcome and kick off a personal relationship with each one.”

For go-to-market teams

Common Room connects community outcomes and go–to–market motions to improve prospecting, lead qualification, and pipeline velocity.
Get actionable insights with real-time community intelligence
Increase velocity, forecast accuracy, and sales efficiency by combining business and community data to get a 360º view of your pipeline.
Know your prospects before your CRM does
Leverage community activity and high-intent signals to identify potential customers and improve prospecting and lead scoring.
Get a complete view of the customer lifecycle
Integrate Common Room with your CRM to understand your community-led growth patterns and insights to improve your GTM motions.
Accelerate your pipeline
Accelerate deal velocity and seller efficiency with a dynamic, real-time 360º view of your high-intent prospects and upsell opportunities inside your CRM.
Atlassian Community

“Common Room provides the necessary infrastructure for teams across Atlassian to scale their customer engagement efforts in a coordinated and customer-centric fashion.”

  • Stephanie Grice

    Stephanie Grice

    Head of Global Community & Customer Advocacy, Atlassian Community

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