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How does Common Room help?

Book more meetings with prospects by tapping into the dark funnel

70% of your prospect’s buying decision happens before your discovery call. Common Room helps you influence your prospect’s decision earlier by passing you the hidden, high-intent prospects who are engaging across dark-funnel channels like Slack, Discord, LinkedIn, Reddit, and others.

Focus on the right prospects at the right accounts

Common Room gives you a real-time pulse on the sales-ready accounts and prospects engaging across the dark funnel along with the specific context around their intent so you can focus on the prospects and accounts that matter.

Lead with value. Be remembered. Get results.

Whether you’re prepping an email or getting ready for a discovery call, your product’s value must shine through.

With Common Room, you have activity, prospect, and account-level context you need to ensure you deliver a tailored message on the right channel that gets remembered and gets you results.

Don’t just take our word for it.

"Common Room gives our go-to-market team members daily feeds of users showing intent across multiple channels—all in one place. Over 50% of our meetings come from Common Room."

  • Tim Hughes

    Tim Hughes

    VP of Sales

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"Common Room has consolidated our prospecting stack and streamlined our sales prospecting motion. What once took hours and multiple tools to gather—product usage, job changes, social interactions—is now immediately available. Most importantly, it's helping us generate more pipeline!"

  • Pratyusha Ram

    Pratyusha Ram

    GTM Systems

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"Common Room made the operationalization process easy and within a few days we were off to the races. Our sales team has realized real results with meetings booked."

  • Aisha Nins

    Aisha Nins

    GTM Program Manager

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