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Blog title card with title: "Prospect from any LinkedIn post with our new Chrome extension"
Jul 2nd, 2024

Prospect from any LinkedIn post with our new Chrome extension


When we ask sales reps what their No. 1 prospecting channel is, nine times out of 10, the answer is LinkedIn.

We’ve always offered the ability to auto-capture signals from LinkedIn, like reactions to your company posts and comments that tag your organization. But our customers wanted more.

They know that LinkedIn engagements connected to certain topics, competitors, and industry leaders are strong buying signals. They also know that capturing these signals and honing in on high-fit prospects is too often a manual and difficult process that requires hacky workarounds.

Not anymore.

With the launch of our Chrome Extension for LinkedIn, go-to-market teams can instantly capture any public LinkedIn signal (think posts, reactions, and comments) and turn it into outbound fuel using our AI-powered identity resolution and waterfall enrichment.

What’s more, GTM teams can now access real-time Person360™ profiles for every contact in Common Room and action on them directly from LinkedIn—whether you're sending contacts to your sequencing tool or syncing them with your CRM.

Turn any LinkedIn post into quality pipeline

Imagine one of your competitors publishes a LinkedIn post teasing a new product feature.

The post starts racking up likes and comments—some from accounts you’ve been trying to break into for weeks.

People are excited. So are you. Why? Because your product already offers this feature. You now have a list of high-intent buyers clamoring for what you’re selling.

And with Common Room’s Chrome Extension for LinkedIn, your competitor’s post becomes a lead gen goldmine.

We know. It’s what we’ve been doing for weeks.

Image of Chrome Extension for LinkedIn

We’re big fans of dogfooding here at Common Room, and our Chrome extension is no exception.

Take it from our Head of Growth and Demand Gen, Matzen Shirley. When he finds a business-relevant post on LinkedIn, he uses our Chrome extension to add and enrich every person who reacted to or commented on it to Common Room. All with a single click.

These contacts—complete with email addresses and phone numbers—are sent to prioritized burndown lists for our SDR team. Each list is preconfigured to only surface contacts who match our ideal customer profile. And thanks to our bidirectional integration with Salesforce, each list is also tailored to our reps’ individual books of business.

In other words, no legwork is required on the part of reps. High-intent, high-fit leads simply appear like magic.

What used to take multiple hours per week now takes minutes.

"I used to stitch together this workflow using PhantomBuster, Google Sheets, and Zapier just to get the info I needed. It was a headache to manage and often broke. Our new Chrome extension does all that and more in seconds. It's a 10x time- and sanity-saver."

—Matzen Shirley, Head of Growth and Demand Gen at Common Room

The best part? Instead of waiting days or even weeks to follow up, our SDR team can reach out to prospects when the LinkedIn post they engaged with is still top of mind.

In fact, with help from our AI agent, RoomieAI™, our reps can spin up personalized, LLM-generated outbound snippets for contacts and sequence them in Outreach in seconds.

The results speak for themselves.

Social engagement plays powered by our Chrome extension produce:

  • 50% higher open rates
  • 3x higher reply rates
  • 2x higher booked meeting rates

No more manual LinkedIn scraping. No more time-consuming spreadsheet wrangling. No more hunting for ICP matches.

Just reaching the right person, with the right message, at the right time.

Prospect on LinkedIn 10x faster

To get access to the Chrome Extension for LinkedIn, simply sign in to Common Room, head to the Signals and integrations section of our Settings menu, and click on the Chrome Extension for LinkedIn option.

Our extension isn’t available directly from the Chrome Web Store—the only way to access it is from your Common Room account.

Image of Chrome extension sign-up flow

Once you download the Chrome extension, any post you view on LinkedIn will have an “Add post” option attached to it.

Image of LinkedIn post

Just click “Add post” to pop open a new tab featuring our extension panel.

Image of Chrome Extension for LinkedIn

Select “Add post to Common Room” and any person who reacted to or commented on the post will be added to your Common Room instance.

Got a specific buyer segment in mind? You can send people directly to it—or create a new one on the fly—right from the Chrome extension.

Image of Chrome Extension for LinkedIn

After a new contact is added to Common Room, our Person360 identity and waterfall enrichment engine will handle the rest.

We offer the highest enrichment match rate and accuracy on the market, all out of the box. Our Chrome extension lets you take that box with you.

We’ll use AI and waterfall enrichment to uncover all relevant person- and account-level information and create new profiles for contacts and their organizations, including contact details like email addresses and phone numbers.

Image of contact enrichment

If the person is already tracked in Common Room or your CRM—whether through product usage, website activity, or engagements across social, community, and open-source channels—we’ll connect the dots for you and further enrich their existing profile.

From there, finding and following up on the best leads is a breeze.

You can:

  • Add buyers to auto-replenishing burndown lists for reps to act on.
  • Filter buyers for fit based on any dimension—job title, company funding, you name it.
  • Score buyers based on their behaviors and characteristics.
  • Spotlight economic buyers, product-qualified leads, and ideal personas.
  • Create real-time alerts to track and stay updated on buyer activity.
  • Research accounts with AI-powered summaries.
  • Automate outreach via fully customizable workflows.
  • Generate personalized, relevant messages using AI.

All from one place. All with an intuitive, GTM-friendly interface.

Bring Common Room right where your buyers are

As much as we’d love it, we know GTM teams don’t work solely in Common Room.

If one of our customers wants to get a deeper look at a contact or organization while they’re scrolling through LinkedIn, they’d have to switch over to our app. The same goes if they want to take action on a prospect they find on LinkedIn.

Our Chrome Extension for LinkedIn fixes that.

Say someone is asking for product recommendations on LinkedIn. Someone else mentions your product in the comments. Is this person a current customer? A prospect that’s not yet on your radar? Either way, they’re probably worth a closer look.

Simply click into their profile page. If they’re already tracked in Common Room, you can click on the Common Room logo on the right-hand side of the page and we’ll pull up their Person360 profile.

Image of Person360 profile

Every insight captured in Common Room—work history, contact details, product usage, website visits, cross-channel activity—is now yours to explore while you’re on the move. No screen switching to interrupt your flow.

If the person doesn’t yet exist as a contact in Common Room, you can add and enrich them with the click of a button.

Image of contact enrichment

Even better, you can take action directly from the page you’re on.

Image of Outreach option

Send contacts to your sequencing tool, sync them with your CRM, add them to a buyer segment, or access an LLM-generated outbound snippet—all without once tabbing away.

Over the course of countless beta tests, customer roundtables, and developer shadowing sessions, one thing became clear to us: Our customers want to take Common Room everywhere they go.

We’re starting with LinkedIn because it's the primary prospecting surface for most of our customers. Soon we’ll roll out Chrome extension functionality across other channels.

We’ve worked to democratize customer intelligence by making it readily available, accessible, and actionable for all GTM teams. With our Chrome Extension for LinkedIn, we’re making it fully flexible and mobile, too.

Whether you’re capturing and enriching signals from LinkedIn posts and profile pages or viewing Person360 profiles for prospects and customers while you’re browsing LinkedIn, we want to put the power of Common Room at your fingertips, no matter where you're working.

Sign up or log in to Common Room and download the Chrome extension today.

Turn any LinkedIn signal into meetings booked with Common Room

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