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Run go-to-market intelligently by capturing and unifying signals across every touchpoint of the modern buying journey—all powered by AI.

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Featured signals

Explore signals that come out of the box with Common Room:

Find signals with AI

Say hello to your GTM team’s new best friend

Have a custom signal in mind but not way to capture it at scale? No problem.

Put RoomieAI™, our AI-powered signal finder, to work to fetch signals about the people and accounts in market. Just prompt, refine, and repeat to get any hard-to-find signal needed.

Signal-based scoring

Expand your scoring horizons

Stop limiting your scoring model to what your CRM can handle.

Feed thousands of signals from 50+ channels into your scoring model. Use our AI-powered engine to enrich and score your leads/accounts with real buying signals across every stage of the funnel. Not just after someone opts in.

Trigger actions from any buying signal
AI & automations

Go from signal to action in seconds

Combine any signal and fit criteria to trigger actions like send an automated outbound email, or alert team members via Slack, or sync qualified leads to Hubspot, or whatever other automated workflow you can think of.

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Find the right prospect
Prospector AI

Reach the perfect prospect with AI

For signals at the account-level or from contacts who don’t quite fit your ideal persona, Prospector has you covered.

Let RoomieAI, our LLM-powered agent, quickly identify and reach your ideal persona or economic buyers via our proprietary, constantly refreshed database of more than 200 million B2B contacts. All without the need to jump to a new tab.

Prospect while you browse LinkedIn
Chrome extension

Grab signals while you surf the web

Capture signal from ideal prospects as you browse channels like LinkedIn.

Identify contacts in your ICP who interact with posts from the competition, thought leaders, and your team. 2x outbound conversion by taking action with context and when your product is top of mind.

Sync signals to your CRM
Marketing & CRM activity

Sync to your stack and back again

See the full customer journey inside and outside of your CRM or marketing automation platform.

Add more qualified leads to the mix by syncing over contacts and activity from dark-funnel channels like LinkedIn, Slack, GitHub, and dozens more.

Pull in custom signals
Custom signals

Bring your own signals along

Need to pull in your own signals? No problem.

Use our API, connect to Zapier, or upload a CSV/Google Sheet to pull in any signal you can dream up—online and off.

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