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Reveal revenue hidden in your repo

Uncover the person and company behind activity on GitHub and other developer-centric sources like, Stack Overflow, Reddit, and dozens more.

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Standout open-source companies choose Common Room

Git after it

Git after it

Connect to GitHub and other code collaboration sources to identify the people and organizations behind the pull requests. Detect signal for your commercial offering without the manual effort.

Triage without the trauma

Triage without the trauma

Build prioritized views based on intent and commercial fit for your go-to-market and DevRel teams to burn down daily.

Connect with context

Connect with context

Lend a helping hand to your open-source users and reach out with context by pulling in all activity from GitHub. Send personalized DMs, add users to bespoke Outreach sequences, and sync to your CRM—all from one place.


What our customers have to say

"Common Room gives our go-to-market team members daily feeds of users showing intent across multiple channels—all in one place. Over 50% of our meetings come from Common Room."

  • Tim Hughes

    Tim Hughes

    VP of Sales

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"Common Room made the operationalization process easy and within a few days we were off to the races. Our sales team has realized real results with meetings booked."

  • Aisha Nins

    Aisha Nins

    GTM Program Manager

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"Common Room has made it easier for our SDRs and AEs to book more and better meetings. It’s our favorite sales tool here. One of our AEs called it 'my closest friend.'"

  • Tyler Hayden

    Tyler Hayden

    Director of Sales Development

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