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Help your members get the most out of your community

  • Know what your community is saying: Common Room’s auto-categories and topics automatically tag activities so you can easily find what matters most to you and your team, like product bugs, questions, and feedback.

  • Know how your community is feeling: With sentiment analysis on activities and members, you can catch and mitigate negative sentiment early and track trends or spikes in positive sentiment to proactively engage with your community.

  • See all of the members, activities, and organizations in your community in one place: Common Room’s integrations allow you to bring community, product, and customer data into a single view.

Grow and reward your community

  • Identify your most impactful community members: Find your product champions with impact points, a customizable algorithm that instantly surfaces your most influential community members.

  • Find your creators: Common Room’s intelligence allows you to easily surface and share community-led and community-generated content and find members to collaborate with.

  • Build products your customers love: Find, share, and triage product feedback, questions, and complaints with relevant teams by setting up team alerts based on Common Room’s intelligent auto-categories.

The intelligent community growth platform for every type of community.

Developer Advocates

Gain a deeper understanding of your audience’s needs to educate, empower, and enable them.

Web3 Community Managers

Surface and share the content, users, and activities that your company cares about in a consumable and insightful way.

Developer Community Managers

Support your community of developers by quickly triaging feedback and empowering your superusers.

Common Room empowers developer communities.


Common Room gives us the tools to better identify and nurture the product champions that power our community flywheel. Being able to segment and advance these important cohorts of users allows us to build programs that encourage deeper member engagement and increase the value of our community to customers.

  • Chris Riley

    Chris Riley

    Sr. Manager of Developer Relations


We had nearly 1000 new members join our Platform Engineering community last month. With Common Room Workflows, we were able to individually welcome and kick off a personal relationship with each one.

dbt Labs

It’s really important for the Community, as it scales, to be present across multiple channels. We chose Common Room for the ability to see it all in one place and understand what’s happening across them all.

  • Anna Filippova

    Anna Filippova

    Senior Director of Community & Data

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