Real people.
Real context.
Real pipeline.

Reveal the identity and context behind actions across product, community, social, and beyond to get a complete 360-degree view of your buyers and customers.

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Connect with the person behind the signal

Traditional go-to-market solutions reduce customers to vague, fragmented information. Person360™ uses AI to uncover the real person behind interactions across dozens of channels, so teams spend less time researching and more time connecting.

Never miss an interaction

Auto-capture and unify customer signals, profiles, and demographics across any channel, including LinkedIn, data warehouses, CRM, marketing automation tools, GitHub, Slack, and more. View your data instantly with dozens of prebuilt integrations.

Intelligently match every signal to a real person

Deanonymize, merge, and enrich signals from 30-plus channels into one identity. Leverage proprietary AI models that match avatars, social handles, emails, and more for superior match rates, outperforming traditional intent solutions.

Surface rich context at any stage

Leverage deep historical context, including social comments, community activity, job changes, product usage spikes, webpage engagement, and more to automatically tag and surface critical profiles. Choose from ready-made tags like Economic Buyers, Product-Qualified Leads, and Influencers, or create your own.

Find new prospects faster

Use Prospector to easily search or add new prospects to Common Room, regardless of their engagement with your product or brand. With access to new contacts, reps can target the right decision-makers and personas without juggling multiple tools.

Meet customers where they are

Connect on the right channels with access to all active emails and social profiles. Use one-click messaging integrations designed for go-to-market, like Outreach, email, Slack, LinkedIn, and more.

Unify user actions across your stack

Keep your person-level data clean and up to date with our simple two-way sync with your CRM. Export CSV or JSON files for one-time or recurring analysis of your segments, accounts, or lead activities in your preferred analytics solution.

Get Person360™ everywhere you go

Communicate more effectively anywhere you work with easy access to Person360™ profiles directly from your Google Chrome Extension.

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