Real people. Real context.
Real pipeline.

Know the person behind the signal with Person360™—our AI-powered identity resolution and enrichment engine. Unify every signal from every person—all unified in a single profile and matched to an account.

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Attached signals to identity with the help of AI
AI-powered identity resolution

Match signals to a real person

Track the end-to-end customer journey—from dark-funnel signals to website visits to product adoption—of every person and give your teams the complete context they need to reach out with relevance.

Score leads with signals and adjust importance
Lead & account scoring

Power scoring with every signal

Stop guessing what’s behind your lead score.

Surface higher-converting prospects with AI-powered enrichment and scoring that uses hundreds more signals than marketing tools can offer. Show your GTM team the actions behind the score so they can reach out with context.

Enrichment from many sources into centralized identity

Don’t go chasing waterfalls

Double your enrichment match rate with our AI-powered matching engine. Seriously.

Person360™ automates waterfall enrichment from dozens of enrichment sources and uses an AI-powered profile inference to find identity matches across the web. The result? The highest enrichment match rate and accuracy on the market—all out of the box.

Filters for contacts and custom segments
Tags & filters

Reach the right person faster

Build custom views and automations faster with tags and filters that work across every dimension of GTM—person, account, workspace, activity, and any custom object.

Auto-tag economic buyers, product users, champions, ideal customers, and influencers or use any custom tag you want to quickly take action with context.

Dashboard showing leads found by prospector
Prospector AI

Find the perfect prospects

Not seeing signals from your ideal persona or economic buyer? Detect high-value prospects with AI-powered insights trained on signals and historical funnel conversion. Surface ideal contacts to reps to simplify how they target the right decision-makers and personas without juggling multiple tools.

Browser extension showing a contact while on social network
Chrome extension

Take Person360™ everywhere

Get person-first insights, access unrivaled account intelligence, and prospect anywhere with our Person360™ Chrome extension.

Enrich and send prospects to Common Room as you browse LinkedIn and other sites spotting customer signals.

User activity summary across your entire community of prospects and customers
AI-powered insights

Summarize sentiment

Tap into the zeitgeist of your community and product users and pull in prospects with AI-powered summaries that surface trending topics, bugs, feature requests, product love, and purchase intent.

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