Community teams

Fuel your community-led flywheel

Unify all community activity and identities across Slack, Discord, Linkedin, GitHub, and more—all in one place to fuel community growth and performance.

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Nurture and grow your community channels

Common Room seamlessly unifies and enriches signals across dozens of community and social channels—from Slack and GitHub to Linkedin and beyond—and ties it to a real person. With Common Room, community and DevRel teams get a 360-degree view of their community so teams can efficiently and effectively engage with members, measure community impact, and fuel growth.

Surface and prioritize top community members

Reveal members across any of your active community or dev-centric channels—Slack, Discord, GitHub, Stack Overflow, Discourse, and dozens more. Automatically track and tag top community champions or potential content creators using Impact Points and custom tagging tied to specific interactions and attributes.

Streamline member verification and onboarding

Automate onboarding and communication flows based on user actions, firmographics, and hundreds of other traits and signals to activate your community. Automatically verify Discord members by email with a super simple verification bot.

Discover trending topics to foster discussion

Auto-detect signals from the community, such as topics of interest, bugs, questions, and feedback to engage community members and foster stronger relationships with contextual insights.

Triage without the trauma

Stop jumping from one tab to the next to assist with customer support. Stack rank your burn-down list by type of issue, user persona, time without a response, and hundreds of other filters to prioritize member issues and comments.

Connect effort to business impact

Monitor member growth and engagement across channels in one view. Sync with your CRM or data warehouse to attribute community activities to lead conversions, product adoption, or customer support interactions.

Strengthen cross-team collaboration

Integrate sales, support, and marketing teams into your community process with shared data and analytics. Confidently share high-intent community members with sales using custom rules and AI-based lead scoring. Provide marketing with member location analytics for event planning and more.

Get notified on key member actions

Customize alerting and notification rules for new member activity on specific accounts or segments. Get notifications on new members or negative sentiment and more via email, Slack, or other channels.


What our customers have to say

Scale community engagement efforts

"Common Room provides the necessary infrastructure for teams across Atlassian to scale their customer engagement efforts in a coordinated and customer-centric fashion."

  • Stephanie Grice

    Stephanie Grice

    VP of Community and Learning

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See community activity in one place

"We chose Common Room for the ability to see our member activity all in one place and understand what’s happening across all community channels."

  • Anna Filippova

    Anna Filippova

    Senior Director of Community & Data

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Automate community engagement

"Growing and managing a community is a huge undertaking. Common Room is like having another member on my team."

  • Jared Jones

    Jared Jones

    Head of Ecosystem

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