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Understand, activate, and scale your community

Trade your manual spreadsheets for intelligent insights, custom reports, and automated workflows to scale your team’s impact.

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Understand your community at a glance

  • See all of the members, activities, and organizations in your community in one place: Common Room’s integrations allow you to bring community, product, and customer data into a single view.
  • Know your community: Powerful member profiles give you a 360-degree view of a community member’s activity, sentiment, and engagement across all your community sources.
  • Stay on top of the most important happenings in your community: Set customized personal notifications and team alerts.
  • Know what’s happening across your community so you can take action: Track the channels and metrics most important to you and your team with pre-built and custom reports.

Automate community programs and spend more time building relationships

  • Identify your most impactful community members: Find your product champions with impact points, a customizable algorithm that instantly surfaces your most influential community members.
  • Connect with your community at scale without losing the human touch: Welcome and engage your community with Workflows—a customizable solution that allows you to engage at scale.

The intelligent community growth platform for your whole team.

Community Manager

Grow a healthy, engaged community by building relationships and getting key insights into what’s working and what you could improve.

Head of Community

Scale the impact of community across your organization by sharing product insights, reporting on community-led growth efforts, and saving your team time by automating manual tasks.

Community Ops

Bring all of your tools, platforms, and data into a single source of truth with natively-built and fully-managed integrations, seamless workflows, and automations.

Built with and for incredible communities.

Growing and managing a community is a huge undertaking. Common Room is like having another member on my team.

  • Jared Jones

    Jared Jones

    Head of Ecosystem

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Since switching to Common Room’s welcome message workflow, not only do I get more replies from new members, but they’re introducing themselves to our full community a lot more too.

Workflows from Common Room saves the team time and helps our new members get what they need from our community. We’ve seen increased member engagement and better community retention.

  • Marie Antons

    Marie Antons

    Technical Community Manager

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