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Diving Deep Into DevRel — DEVDISCUSS Podcast

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In this DEVDISCUSS episode, podcast hosts Ben Halpern and Christina Gorton talk to guests Nader Dabit, Developer Relations engineer at Edge & Node, and Pachi Carlson, Developer Relations engineer at New Relic.

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Across 58 minutes, the four of them dive into the multi-faceted talents Developer Relations leaders (Advocates? Evangelists? Experience leaders?) have to hold at once: "You have to know how to code, you have to know how to communicate, you have to know how to write, and you have to put them together."

Whether you're hiring for one, aspiring to become one, or looking for insights for how to best partner with one, this episode is a great listen for everyone looking to learn more about the art and science behind Developer Relations and the vastly talented folks who lead it.

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