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Top 5 Methods to Collect User Feedback in 2021

Nov 12th, 2021
  • Community Author

    Community Author


Community author and Producter editor mcankizcoruh discusses the criticality of user feedback. Beyond "feedback being the breakfast of champions" for product-led companies, she notes that feedback means customers are highly engaged, and highly engaged customers buy 90% more often.

Their top 5 most effective ways to collect feedback:

  1. Customer feedback surveys: Classic NPS, but you need to craft your questions excellently
  2. Customer interviews: Time consuming, but if done well they offer deep insights
  3. User portal: A dedicated feedback board. Like the 'comments' box of yore, upleveled
  4. Usability tests: Find strangers in your target market so you get unbiased feedback
  5. Instant customer feedback: Embed a feedback widget :) or ಠ_ಠ or :( can go a long way

For all the details, read mcankizcoruh's full article.

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