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Free Resources for Community Professionals

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We live for templates, especially when they cover a topic you're bound to discuss often. Things like a strategic plan, mid-year reviews, and the ever-important community roadshow are constants throughout a community leader's career, so why shouldn't you have a go-to format for each?

Thankfully, Jenny Weigle, strategic consultant for online communities, put together three free resources to help fellow community leaders clearly communicate with stakeholders.

  • In the mid-year review template, start by recapping mission and vision before you dive into progress on goals, quarterly timelines, and next steps.
  • For a community roadshow, Jenny suggests 1:1 time with the department head before connecting with the rest of the team to chat benefits, metrics and working together.
  • And that strategic plan? We recommend subscribing to Jenny's All-Things-Community for full access.

It's all available at Jenny.Community. Click around while you're there! The insights never cease.

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