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Opting for a Good/Better/Best Chart

Nov 12th, 2021
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    Community Author


In just four tweets, Brian Oblinger addressed big challenges most leaders have when presenting options to stakeholders. For clarity, easy comparison, and the tiniest nudge toward your preference, try a Good/Better/Best chart.

Good/better/best chart with three rows for option A, B and C. Option B highlighted as the preferred option.

With the right layout, not only will you clearly call out the biggest differences among the available options, you'll also frame your top choice more objectively to (hopefully) get more people on board.

In a quick thread, Brian attributes the success of said chart to just three things:

  • The ordering of options
  • Usage of iconography and color
  • The recommendation highlight

None of it's meant to trick anyone, simply to empower more informed decisions! And if that decision ends up not being your rec, you'll have a docs to look back on later.

Get more context from Brian's Twitter thread and give the Good/Better/Best chart a shot next time you're looking for buy-in.