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May 3rd, 2021

Join the Team: Common Room is Hiring

  • Zahra Dossa

    Zahra Dossa


Interested in working together? See our open positions.

We believe that ‘community’ is more than a buzzword—it’s a powerful collection of people who empower each other by sharing knowledge, ideas, feedback, code, curiosity, and enthusiasm. And we believe that it’s time to enable a new type of relationship between organizations and their community members - one that’s based on authenticity, collaboration, and communication across platforms like Slack, Twitter, Discord, GitHub, Intercom, and more.

At Common Room, we’re building more than the tools that help organizations build and nurture their communities—we’re building a whole new way of working with the people that matter most. We’re leading a new category specifically focused on the importance of community and, alongside our customers, we’re determining what a best-in-class experience for community-centric growth should look like, feel like, and what it should deliver.