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How to Build a Community So You’ll Never Run Out Of Business

Nov 12th, 2021
  • Community Author

    Community Author


Author Ritika Mehta dives into the importance of not just building a community, but building value into your community. Attention is hard to come by, and it's a crowded space out there. Here's her advice for standing out when connecting with your community, starting with thinking beyond a single platform like Slack, Discord, or Facebook:

  • Create content: Maybe it's a newsletter, maybe it's YouTube videos, maybe it's something else
  • Be specific: Build your community for your product users, not just everyone
  • Be public: Build in public, build in public, build in public
  • Be monthly: Hold a virtual meetup, event, or hackathon once a month—not too much, and not too little

For more details, read Ritika's full article on Medium.