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A first-time DA's experience speaking at DevRelCon 2021

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    Community Author


Ramón Huidobro is an experienced software developer who recently started a Developer Advocate role at CodeSee.

He delivered his debut DevRel talk at DevRelCon 2021, where he spoke about inclusive, effective, fun live-streaming for DevRel audiences. He documented what his process was like to prepare and deliver his talk so others could follow his path.

His preparation recommendations:

  • Start with what you'll give: Outline 4-5 key pieces of advice you want your audience to take away from your talk
  • Build your slides: Start with one slide for each piece of advice, and add supporting slides into each topic area
  • Practice: Build yourself a bit of a script, and then give the talk to yourself multiple times
  • Consider the angles: When you're streaming, choose a dynamic camera angle that still lets you connect with your audience

Learn more about his experience during DevRelCon on his blog.

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