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What is a Developer Advocate?

  • Community Author

    Community Author


Karl Hughes, Founder and CEO of, spoke with six different Developer Advocates to answer the question, "What is a Developer Advocate, really?"

Through his interviews, he covers:

  • What it's like being a DA. General responsibilities include community engagement, company promotion, and creating content, but every day is different and you have to wear a lot of hats.
  • What makes a great DA. It comes down to three things: empathy, a passion for sharing knowledge, and having a technical background.
  • Tips for job seekers. One of the best ways to prepare for this career is to build things, create content, and be active in a developer community.
  • How to measure success. "DevRel qualified leads" as explained by Mary Thengvall is a metric that allows DAs to form meaningful relationships with community members first, and then connect them to other parts of the organization when appropriate.

Get the full scoop from his blog post.