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Common Room allows you to use CSV files to import new member or activity data, so you can create a source of truth for your community.

Common Room creates a profile for every member in your CSV and will automatically merge with existing profiles in your Room if there is a duplicate. This allows you to easily see when members first joined your community, all of their activity, and the other channels they engage with you.

Using Common Room

Once you’ve imported data with your CSV file, you can use Common Room’s intelligent features to unlock powerful insights and scale your impact.

  • See what your members are talking about with topics: Topics are intelligently detected using AI-powered natural language processing and allow you to easily see what your community is talking about, how they feel about it, and which topics are trending over time.
  • Measure the health of your community: Common Room comes with pre-built and fully customizable reporting, so you can track community membership, engagement, and sentiment.
  • Find, nurture, and reward your superfans: Impact points provide a data-driven way to find your most impactful members. You can use segments to create cohorts of product champions and collaborate with your team.

About CSV imports

CSV imports offer a flexible way to move data between tools. A CSV text file, which often contains information from spreadsheets and databases, can be easily uploaded to enrich a platform with data like event attendees, program participants, customers, and more.

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