More revenue. Less effort.

Run go-to-market with out-of-the box plays powered by signals. Make every rep a top performer with our AI copilot. Fully automate high-confidence plays and generate revenue while you’re away.

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Personalized outbound lists from contextual segments
GTM workbench

Run winning plays at scale with AI

Make every rep a top performer with RoomieAI, our AI-powered copilot, and run personalized outbound plays at scale.

Surface proven plays—champions moving jobs, pricing page visits, economic buyers engaging with competitors—with burn-down lists that are replenished in real time.

Generate messages with AI
AI-powered outbound

Personalize any message with AI

Double response rates for every GTM team—sales, marketing, community, success—with AI-generated messages that incorporate more than just surface-level signals.

Real-time slack and email alerts

Never miss a signal

10x speed to lead with real-time Slack and email alerts.

Trigger alerts using any combination of signals mixed with firmographic and demographic criteria (e.g., pricing page visits from a target account or an economic buyer reacting to a relevant social post).

Use signals to automate outbound in your CRM
Workflow automation

Automate outbound from any signal

Go from signal to action in seconds.

Trigger workflows using any combination of signal and audience filter to automate outbound messages, add prospects to prioritized burn-down lists, or send real-time alerts—all while you’re AFK.

Common Room Chrome extension
Chrome Extension

Find prospects on the go

Prospect while you browse LinkedIn, GitHub, Twitter, and other channels.

Verify, enrich, and sync high-fit contacts to Common Room and take action using the context uncovered surfing the web.

Use prospector to auto-add members to segments
Prospector AI

Find the perfect prospect in seconds

Put prospecting and multi-threading on auto-pilot with AI-powered lead identification that combines known account signals with the ideal personas who are most likely to convert.

Trigger workflows that sync leads to outbound sequences the moment prospects are selected.

Sync contacts between GTM systems
GTM Integrations

Orchestrate outbound

Grow qualified leads by 50% and give GTM teams more at-bats with high-intent prospects. Sync contacts to your marketing automation tool or CRM based on signals from 50-plus channels.

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