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Business Impact Report

Business Impact Report

More leads. Stronger pipeline. Higher retention. Faster support. Better NPS. Community impacts the business from the very beginning of the customer journey, often before a potential product user appears in a CRM.

The same theme has emerged across all of our customers’ impact reports—community drives pipeline, accelerates deals, and boosts feature adoption and user empowerment. Read and share this anonymized business impact report to understand how community enables your marketing, sales, success, support, and product teams to deliver better products, experiences, and deals. For more benchmarks and trends across 141 communities and their 7.5+ million members, read our free 360: Community-Led Growth Report.

Business impact insights from this report include:

  • 61% of open pipeline is community-engaged, and 21% of open pipeline appeared in the community first (before being seen in a CRM)
  • 69% of closed deals were community-engaged, and 32% were community-first
  • Community-engaged deals closed 20% faster than sales and marketing-led deals
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