The Developer Advocate's Guide to Addressing Product Friction

  • Community Author

    November 15th, 2021

To help address product friction for customers in a more repeatable, teachable, and reportable manner, Kurt Kemple and the team at Apollo created the DX Audits framework (Discover, Build, Report, Follow Up).

They recently released v2 of the framework. In this blog post, Kurt walks through the benefits of the framework: Clear documentation of customers' product friction through friction logs, a consistency and structure that enable all team members to understand how product feedback is delivered, and the ability to prove the impact of developer advocacy work.

The key takeaway from their v1 audit and what they changed in v2? The team scoped audits into individual projects so developer advocates could move through each step independently of other use cases, allowing them to avoid bottlenecks from other audits and deliver value much faster.

Read more about the DX Audits framework and Kurt's in-depth thinking here.

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