Gain data-driven insights with topics

What if you could see the most important topics to your community, across all channels, all in one place? What if you could identify trending topics so you can engage in discussions that your community truly cares about? And what if you could understand the sentiment around each topic so you can prioritize which require immediate attention? And even more what if you could do all of this without spending countless hours building complicated, manually-tracked spreadsheets or becoming a machine learning expert in your free time?

Now, this might sound like science fiction, but what if I told you that you can do all of this and more, right now, with topics in Common Room? Topics turns science fiction into science fact by delivering clear, data-backed insights into your community’s most important discussions, effortlessly! No spreadsheets, no manual tracking, and no machine learning degree required.

In this lesson, we’ll explore the topics reporting page, including topic trends and sentiment over time, the topics explorer and how to deep-dive into topics, how to edit, merge, and hide topics, and finally, we’ll cover filters.

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