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Introducing Person360™: Connect with the person behind the signal
Feb 7th, 2024

Introducing Person360™: Connect with the person behind the signal

Your future and current customers leave digital breadcrumbs everywhere they go—from reactions on social channels to usage patterns in your product.

Each action and behavior is a signal that gives go-to-market teams context for the customer journey, helps them uncover pain points, and enables them to establish connections that improve conversion rates and customer experiences.

But only when those signals are unified and mapped to a real person.

People buy from people, but person-level insights are often out of reach. They’re siloed across disparate channels or locked up in overly technical tools.

So GTM teams—whether sales reps, account managers, CSMs, demand-gen marketers, or community managers—turn to traditional GTM tools or cobbled-together point solutions.

These tools don’t provide a comprehensive, contextual, and unified view of the person behind the signal and their motivations—they offer up account-level details teams can’t take action on and siloed data points that don’t paint the full picture (not to mention the dark-funnel data they miss entirely).

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Person360™—our proprietary identity resolution and enrichment engine. Now go-to-market teams can see every signal—unified in a single profile—and connect with the real person behind it.

Your customers are more than a company name

Whether it’s standard intent and data enrichment tools or homebrewed technologies, traditional solutions are broken.

They reduce buyers and customers to tired data points: email addresses, alma mater mascots, and content downloads. It’s a collection of vague, fragmented information—not real intent.

And it leaves GTM teams in the dark—unable to understand where people are in the customer journey, what challenges they're facing, and the best way to build relationships with them.

So teams spend hours manually piecing together a complete view of the customer—an impossible task when you don’t even know what you’re missing.

They battle tab fatigue and dig through dozens of interfaces—social profiles, product usage dashboards, and open-source repositories, just to name a few—in order to get a sense of someone’s engagement, employment, and intent history.

And those are the best-in-class teams. The others resort to a spray-and-pray approach.

Image of modern buyer journey signals

It’s a slow, tedious process that takes time away from these teams’ real jobs.

And even if it’s successful, the outcomes themselves are suboptimal. Teams must still spend valuable time figuring out how to prioritize different opportunities, craft outreach that speaks directly to pain points and the “why” behind intent, and build relationships with the right people at the right accounts.

We decided to fix that.

Person360 puts the power of your data directly in the hands of your customer-facing teams.

From sales to marketing to community, everyone gets a comprehensive, contextual, and unified view of the person behind the signal.

Image of Person360 inputs and outputs

Turn disparate data into unified identity

Common Room’s Person360 automatically reveals the real person behind every signal—from digital interactions across social and community channels to feature usage in your product to job changes and more.

Our advanced AI works behind the scenes to deanonymize, merge, and enrich signals from every channel you care about and sync them to a unified identity and account.

🎤 "Common Room has consolidated our prospecting stack and streamlined our sales prospecting motion. Our reps have a unified, person-level view at their disposal. What once took hours and multiple tools to gather—product usage, job changes, social interactions—is now more readily available. Most importantly, it's helping us generate more pipeline!"

—Pratyusha Ram, GTM Systems at Notion

Sales and marketing teams can zero in on high-fit product users and spot economic buyers across key accounts.

Community and DevRel teams can uncover product champions and track overall brand sentiment.

And every team can get a bird's eye view of the entire customer journey—delivered in a daily dashboard with a single, prioritized view—so they can dive in as needed.

Here’s how the magic happens.

Uncover every interaction and the person behind it

Common Room auto-collects signals from across the modern customer journey via out-of-the-box integrations. This includes channels and data sources that reveal customer behavior, including social networks, messaging platforms, data warehouses, CRMs, marketing automation tools, and more.

Person360 then uses proprietary machine learning models to resolve and enrich customer  identities. Avatars, social handles, email addresses, and other key attributes are used to match signals to a unique profile for every person: name, job title, work history, contact information, cross-channel activity, and other critical details.

Email addresses become economic buyers. LinkedIn likes become recent job changes. And random Twitter handles become accounts that are up for renewal.

Image of Person360 profile

These insights can then be used to power contextual lead and account scoring to hone in on the best opportunities.

No more piecing together buyer identity. Teams see every signal—and the person behind it.

Surface top buyers and customers

Person360 serves up rich context from across the customer journey, including social reactions, community comments, employment activity, product usage spikes, web activity, and hundreds of additional signals.

You can see that someone was an active user of your product at their previous company under a different email address.

You can see that they’re a member of your Slack community and recently reacted to your LinkedIn post.

And you can see the revenue, location, and employee data of their current organization—including recent activity from their teammates.

All merged and mapped to a single profile for the person and organization in question.

Image of tags

Profiles are auto-tagged based on the actions and attributes that matter to you. Spotlight past champions and economic buyers using out-of-the-box tags or create your own to quickly surface, sort, and score product-qualified leads, ideal personas, and more.

No more struggling to prioritize. Teams quickly qualify and engage the right people without jumping from one tool to another.

Deliver the right message at the right time

With a holistic view, teams can leverage the most powerful signals to craft the right message for the right person at the right time.

And they can do it faster using real-time alerts and automated workflows built on any dimension of a Person360 profile.

Image of outreach options

AEs and SDRs can be instantly alerted when prospects take a certain action and add them to personalized Outreach sequences.

Customer success managers and demand-gen marketers can automatically place people in dedicated segments for account expansions and ABM campaigns based on their behaviors and ideal customer profiles.

Community and DevRel professionals can stay up to date on every new joiner in their Slack and Discord communities and automate onboarding and outreach.

And every team can connect faster on the channels buyers and customers prefer (and avoid spam abuse complaints with truly personalized messaging) via integrations with Outreach, Apollo, Slack, Discord, GitHub, and more.

Meanwhile, bidirectional integrations with CRMs make it easy to sync the information in Common Room with your internal source of truth and vice versa.

No more reaching out in the wrong place at the wrong time. Teams create connections with confidence, minus the grunt work and guesswork.

Every customer is a three-dimensional person. Your team shouldn’t have to settle for a one-dimensional view of them.

That’s why we created Person360—a tool purpose-built to help go-to-market teams connect with the person behind the signal and power every play.

Higher productivity, better conversion rates, and superior customer experiences are only a button-click away.

Unlock stronger connections with Common Room

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