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Common Room Launches Intelligent Community Growth Platform to Bring Companies Closer to Their Communities

Mar 31st, 2022

Common Room is the first and only platform that gathers community engagement, product usage, and customer data into a single place and makes it actionable for organizations

Seattle, WA, March 31, 2022Common Room, the intelligent community growth platform for today’s fastest-growing companies, is out of private beta and now available for all organizations to deepen community relationships, build better products, and drive business impact.

The announcement comes as organizations’ technology and business decisions are increasingly influenced by their communities of users and champions. Interactions are expanding beyond traditional marketing and sales pathways, requiring organizations to meet their community members across new open and owned digital channels like GitHub, Slack, Discord, Discourse, Twitter, and more. This omnichannel, always-on engagement model makes it difficult for organizations to get a holistic view of what matters most to their community and meet those needs, leaving members feeling unheard and unrecognized. Similarly, organizations are left struggling to grow the business with limited visibility, no mechanisms for automation or cross-team collaboration, and a lack of ability to meaningfully measure and report on impact. Common Room solves these challenges by bringing together all community sources with internal company data, like revenue and product usage, to give companies intelligent and actionable insights and workflows.

“User communities are the biggest growth turbine for the fastest-moving companies in the world, but these organizations don’t have the visibility, predictability, or levers they need to truly understand and enhance this growth,” said Linda Lian, Co-founder and CEO at Common Room. “Common Room uses intelligence to surface insights across all the ways an organization interacts with their users, allowing them to discover critical insights, act on those insights to build stronger relationships, and realize the full potential of their communities.”

Since coming out of stealth in March 2021, Common Room has partnered closely with top community-led organizations like Asana, Atlassian, Confluent, dbt Labs, Figma, and many more to build the industry-leading community growth platform.

“Common Room has helped us get even more visibility into Figma's global community, which is at the center of everything we do,” said Claire Butler, Director of Community Marketing at Figma. “Not only has Common Room helped us better understand what topics and products matter most to our global community of users; it has unlocked important insights into the community-led model that powers our product and growth.”

Common Room brings together community engagement, product usage, and customer data into a single place and uses intelligence to make it actionable for organizations. The platform allows teams to:

  • Discover community insights. Stay ahead of trending conversations, see and greet new members in real time, and know where to focus the team’s time to have the greatest impact.
  • Nurture meaningful relationships. Get a full view into all the ways members engage with the community and product to create member segments, streamline personal outreach, and cultivate advocates.
  • Measure community programs and results. Create custom reports to uncover how community initiatives affect engagement, retention, revenue, and more.
  • Collaborate to build collective knowledge. Capture and share community content and context across community, developer relations, customer success, product, events, RevOps, and other teams to amplify the impact of community across the organization.
  • Drive business impact. Connect community and customer data to uncover key signals about the organizations engaging in the community and directly attribute revenue resulting from community initiatives.

“Community-driven development is an essential part of our open source and commercial product user experiences. With over 800,000 active installations of Grafana worldwide, keeping up with our growing community can be quite challenging. Common Room has given us a powerful platform to centralize community activity views at scale across multiple channels and open source project repositories,” said Douglas Hanna, Chief Operating Officer at Grafana Labs. “Common Room enables us at Grafana Labs to quickly identify new champions, surface user feedback, and get a sense of which organizations are the most engaged so we can better serve them during the course of their observability journeys.”

Read more about today’s announcement on the Common Room blog. To access Common Room for free and start getting closer to your community, visit

About Common Room

Common Room is the intelligent community growth platform that helps organizations deepen relationships, build better products, and drive business impact. Common Room brings together community engagement, product usage, and customer data into a single place, and uses intelligence to surface actionable insights so teams can discover what’s most important, nurture advocates, collaborate more effectively, and measure outcomes. Today’s fastest growing companies trust Common Room to power their community growth, including Asana, Atlassian Community, dbt Labs, Figma, Grafana Labs, and Webflow. The company is backed by Greylock Partners, Index Ventures, and Madrona Venture Group and is headquartered in Seattle.

To learn more, visit or join Common Room’s own community, Uncommon.

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