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Supercharge your Slack & Discord communities by integrating with Common Room
Aug 25th, 2022

Supercharge your Slack & Discord communities by integrating with Common Room

Slack and Discord are among the most widely used platforms to manage online communities. They offer powerful features like real-time member communication, the ability to create conversation specific channels, simple member management, and even some analytics capabilities.

For most communities, this is a great starting point. But to ultimately scale and drive business value, companies require another layer in their community technology stack - intelligence.

In this blog, we’ll dive into how integrating Common Room with Slack and Discord offers you greater insight into your members, allow you to save time with automated outreach, and report on the health of your community.

If you’re still deciding between Slack vs. Discord as your community channel, check our post on the Common Room blog.

Community intelligence with Common Room

Common Room supercharges Slack and Discord online communities by adding intelligence via its powerful data enrichment, automation, and reporting capabilities.

When you engage with your community on Slack or Discord, Common Room is able to surface actionable insights like trending topics, posts without replies, posts that contain useful content, member sentiment, member impact, and more.

Once you integrate more of the platforms your community engages on, like Twitter, LinkedIn, Meetup, Discourse, GitHub, or YouTube, you can gain even deeper insight into what’s important to your members and how to grow your community.

Imagine being able to understand which organizations your members work for, how active your members are, how much they’re contributing, what their sentiment about your organization is, and how that’s changed over time.

What if you could automate onboarding flows, member surveys, and check-in messaging to save you and your team time and effort?

With Common Room, you can do all of that today. Common Room offers native integrations with all of those community sources, and those insights will start appearing in your Common Room once you integrate your Slack or Discord community.

Powerful data enrichment

Getting a full picture of who your members are as Discord or Slack users is incredibly difficult. In an attempt to achieve this deep understanding of members, community managers stitch complex tools together and manually aggregate member data into spreadsheets. This takes an incredible amount of time and often still falls short.

Common Room offers native integrations with Slack and Discord. We’ll use Slack as an example. After integrating Slack and Common Room, you can filter members by Slack as a source. From that filtered view, you can view members’ profiles to see their role, what company they work for, their email and other usernames across community channels, how much they’re contributing to your community, and where they’re most active.

Supercharge your Slack and Discord communities by integrating with Common Room - powerful data enrichment and insights

Achieving this degree of insight is as simple as a few clicks. No complex tools, no spreadsheets, and no manual tracking. Just some easy-to-use native integrations and lots of great community insights at your fingertips.

Now that you’ve got a more resolute understanding of who your community members are, let's see how you can more effectively scale your community and your team’s impact by automating tasks with Workflows.

Automation with Workflows

Keeping up with a growing online community (and in-person!) can be challenging.

Planning future events and hosting current ones, community research, working with internal teams on community initiatives, managing team members, daily posting across multiple channels. The list goes on and on! On top of it all, you need to find time to welcome, onboard, and check in with every new member on Slack and Discord.

Don’t worry, you simply need to automate those tasks to make it all work!

Common Room allows you to quickly set up automated Workflows for your Slack community. Our Slack integration lets you save time and stay on top of some of the most important community tasks at scale.

In the case of welcoming and onboarding new members, you can create an Onboarding Journey Workflow that allows you to send a custom message to members when they join your Slack community. You can even set a time delay and filter to specific members using Common Room’s rich member data.

Now that you have a deeper understanding of who your community members are and you know how to automate and scale your team’s efforts with Workflows, let's tie all of this together with reporting in Common Room.

Robust community reporting

The current state of community reporting is a mishmosh of half-baked analytics dashboards and complex spreadsheets. You can transcend this messy approach and elevate your Slack or Discord communities by integrating with Common Room.

Using reporting, you can understand community metrics like membership growth, engagement, activity levels, sentiment, and response rate across your community.

Another useful feature of reporting is the collaborative “share” option for you and your teammates. Easily share reports with peers and leadership to illustrate the impact you and your team are having on the community.

Supercharge Slack and Discord communities with Common Room native integrations - a community health dashboard view

Reporting on community health and performance was once a task akin to alchemy—by integrating with Common Room you can now gain the critical insight you need to grow a successful Slack or Discord community.

Bringing it all together

In this post, you’ve seen how integrating Discord and Slack with Common Room can give you a deep understanding of who your online community members are, including details about their role, organization, community impact, sentiment, and activity across channels.

You’ve also learned how you can automate tedious and time intensive tasks like onboarding with Workflows. And, finally, you’ve seen how reporting in Common Room makes evaluating and sharing critical community health metrics with stakeholders and other organizational leaders quick, easy, and consistent.


To integrate your Discord or Slack platform with Common Room today, you can request a demo or get started for free using our documentation on native integrations. Check out the Common Room blog for more best practices for building a community on Slack. And if you’d like to connect with 1000+ community and DevRel leaders, join our Uncommon community on Slack.