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Introducing Common Room Workflows: Build relationships at scale with automated community engagement
Aug 17th, 2022

Introducing Common Room Workflows: Build relationships at scale with automated community engagement

Meaningful relationships are built on meaningful conversations. Those conversations can take many forms—some are one-off and opportunistic, while others are part of a broader member journey. We’ve heard from community leaders that one of their biggest challenges is building consistent yet relevant engagement for community members at scale. So, we built Common Room Workflows to help.

Common Room Workflows enable community teams to automate how and when they engage their members. Using Workflows, you can save time on manual outreach and ensure consistent, high-value community member engagement without losing the human feel. With our pre-built, customizable templates, you can create and launch engagement programs with messages sent right from your personal Slack account. Use workflows to run re-engagement campaigns when members become inactive, set up nurture flows for new members to your Slack workspace, or message a cohort of members whenever they satisfy a specific set of criteria in your Common Room.

Save time with automated community outreach

Consistent and timely communication with your community members is crucial to building relationships and driving the engagement flywheel—but it takes time. With Workflows, Common Room can help deliver that personal, human touch automatically on your behalf–let us message that user at the right moment so you can dedicate your time to your most impactful initiatives.

Customize your community onboarding journey

First impressions matter, and welcoming a member to your community is really important. Instead of taking time each week to send welcome messages, make sure no one is left behind by setting up our onboarding journey workflow to send an automated message to each new member as they join. We know onboarding a user doesn’t end with saying hello—with this workflow, you can also schedule a check-in message a few weeks, or months, later to see how that member is settling into your community.

“We had nearly 1,000 new members join our Platform Engineering community last month. With Common Room Workflows, we were able to individually welcome and kick off a personal relationship with each one. By automating this proactive outreach, we’re both building a more engaged community as well as freeing up our team’s time to work on strategic programs that make our community and organization more successful.” — Luca Galante, Head of Marketing at Humanitec

Proactively engage your community at scale

We know community leaders wear a lot of hats, and your long to-do list can make it challenging to proactively reach out and engage your community. Common Room Workflows empowers you to engage the right people, at the right time, with the right message–so you can stay ahead of what your members need and want.

Re-engage your inactive members

With our re-engagement message workflow, you can automatically reach out to users that haven’t posted or replied in a Slack channel for an amount of time that you specify–perhaps you just want to say hi, invite them back into the conversation, or ask them about their experience with your community so far.

Message a specific cohort of users

With our message a cohort workflow, we’ll send a personal message when a member satisfies a set Common Room filters that you choose. The possibilities are endless–do you want to send a congratulatory message to members with your certification tag? How about reaching out to new members in a certain region to invite them to your Meetup group? Set up a workflow, and we’ll handle the rest..

Build an engaged, active community

Like so many community leaders have shared with us, building and managing a community is hard. Not only does outreach need to be proactive and consistent, it also needs to be relevant.

Send a survey question

Use Common Room’s powerful enrichment and filters to send the right message to the right person, or use our send a survey question workflow to cater your engagement based on direct answers from your members. With a survey question, you can use member feedback to send your members relevant resources, add your members to the right segment, or just gather more context for the next time you want to reach out.

“It’s hard to build a relationship with a bot. Workflows from Common Room saves the team time and helps our new members get what they need from our community. With Common Room, we can welcome and orient new joiners and check in on inactive members automatically, all with messages coming directly from our Harness team. With Workflows, we’ve seen increased member engagement and better community retention.” — Marie Antons, Technical Community Manager at Harness

Common Room Workflows are most powerful when they work together. Customers on our free, Essentials, plan can create up to 3 workflows. Customers on our paid plans have access to unlimited workflows. To see all of our Workflows in action, watch the full Workflows playlist on YouTube.

Ready to get started with Workflows? Sign in or sign up for free today. To connect with community leaders already using Workflows, share community building tips, or get product help, join our Uncommon community Slack.