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Uncommon Conversations podcast: Deep talks with community & DevRel leaders

Uncommon Conversations podcast: Deep talks with community & DevRel leaders

When we started the Uncommon community in March 2021 (even before we opened Slack as our first chat channel), we knew we wanted to use it as a platform to elevate and share expertise from community leaders across the industry, in addition to offering a way to connect with other leaders, share ideas and ask questions, and inform the Common Room product experience. Since then, we’ve had conversations with hundreds of community builders — 40+ of which are recorded.

The Uncommon Conversations podcast

Today, we’re excited to share the first set of 17 of these conversations through the Uncommon Conversations podcast, starting from our first expert conversations with Joshua Zerkel at Asana and Jeff Barr at AWS to our lightning-style Twitter Spaces talks with community and DevRel leaders like Steph Nakano and Jephtah Abu, Gabrielle Leith, and Kyle Hagge.

Why we produced the Uncommon Conversations podcast

Community and DevRel leaders perform incredible feats to grow, engage, and support their communities, empower their businesses, and build products and experiences people love. Each day, they bring their companies and communities closer together. These are the stories of their work.

We wanted to bring these stories to the podcast medium to make them more accessible to all and to offer an additional way to digest all the insights community leaders have shared with us.

And while you can find many of our longer-form interviews on our Uncommon Conversations and Uncommon Book Club YouTube playlists, Twitter Spaces discussions self-destruct after 30 days (we cover the ins and outs of using Twitter Spaces in this post). So this podcast is also our way of preserving those Spaces discussions for every community builder to visit, revisit, and learn from beyond Twitter’s 30-day expiration date.

It’s my sincere hope that you’ll enjoy the episodes. There are many more to come, so please let us know what’s working for you, what you’d like to see next, and who you’d like to hear from. You can find me and the rest of Common Room’s community team in the Uncommon community Slack. See you there 🎉

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