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What Does a Community Operations Manager Do?

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Community operations leads a lot of behind-the-scenes work to make a community run smoothly. Tiffany Oda of Venafi says, “It’s like the general manager of a restaurant. They know all the kitchen people they’re talking to, they’re working in the line, and then at the same time, they go out front of the restaurant and talk with the customers to see how their meals are going.”

What are some elements of a community operations role? We're glad you asked 🧠 You can read more and listen to the full podcast at CMX, but here's a peek at what's covered:

  • Create strong goals: They should verify the efficiency of the community and its processes.
  • Structure a community roadmap: It should include internal and external goals, along with timelines to match the team's vision.
  • Track business impact: Metrics are where the magic happens and a community operations manager should be measuring the data of overall business impact.

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