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By connecting Census, you can combine intelligent community insights with customer data to expand your pipeline, accelerate deals, and grow your business.

By bringing customer data like lead status and lifecycle stage into your Room, you can measure the impact of community on your business, see which leads are already engaged in your community, and whether your members are community-qualified leads.

Using Common Room

Once Census is connected, you can use Common Room to see a holistic view of the end-to-end user journey.

  • Get a 360-degree view of your pipeline: By connecting community and customer data, you can use actionable insights to increase velocity, forecast accuracy, and sales efficiency.
  • Measure community impact on your business: With Common Room’s pre-built and fully-customizable reports, you can measure the impact of your community on your business to inform investments.
  • Send community-qualified leads to your sales teams: Using the fully-customizable community-qualified tag, you signal qualified leads in your community for your sales reps to take action on.

About Census

Census is a reverse ETL tool that allows you to sync data from your warehouse into operational tools where it can benefit a company's marketing, sales, and support teams.

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