Census Integration Guide

Last updated Jun 27th, 2024


By connecting Census, you can combine intelligent insights with customer data to expand your pipeline, accelerate deals, and grow your business.

When you bring in customer data like lead status and lifecycle stage into your Room, you can see which leads are already engaged with your business, and whether they are qualified leads.


Currently, you will need to work with the Common Room team to configure your Census integration.

  1. Open Common Room.
  2. Navigate to Settings → Signals.
  3. Select Census and click get set up to get in touch.

Configuring Census involves:

  1. Configuring your data source to send over the desired set of contacts and/or organizations.
  2. Creating fields in Common Room that you will map your data to.
  3. Setting up a Common Room destination with a URL that our team will provide.
  4. Configuring a sync that maps the fields from your source to the Common Room destination.


The Census integration with Common Room is available on the Enterprise plan.

Technical details

Contacts and activity

Import customer data from any of the Census data source integrations.

Import history and sync frequency

Once we've configured your Census integration, Common Room will sync either hourly or daily depending on your needs.

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