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By integrating with Medium, you can see all of your community-led content in a single source of truth.

This makes it easier than ever to amplify your community authors, share their work, and report on trends in community-generated content.

Using Common Room

Once you’ve connected Medium, you can use Common Room’s intelligent features to unlock powerful insights and understand which topics your community cares about.

  • See what your members are talking about with topics: Topics are intelligently detected using AI-powered natural language processing and allow you to easily see what your community is talking about, how they feel about it, and which topics are trending over time.
  • Find, nurture, and reward your superfans: Impact points provide a data-driven way to find your most impactful members. You can use segments to create cohorts of product champions and collaborate with your team.
  • Measure and report on community activity: Common Room comes with pre-built and fully customizable reporting, so you can track and report on the number of community-led content.

About Medium

Medium is a digital publishing platform open where users can post and share written content.

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