Medium Integration Guide

Last updated Jul 1st, 2024


This article provides detailed instructions for how to integrate Medium with Common Room.

By integrating with Medium, you can track new posts being made to the publications and topics you care about, and see all of your community-led content in a single source of truth. This makes it easier than ever to amplify your community authors, share their work, and report on trends in community-generated content.


  1. Select Medium from the list of signals.
  2. Connect Medium: When you connect Medium, Common Room will surface posts from publications and topics that are relevant to your community.
  3. Specify publications or topics. If you'd like to track a publication, all you need is the URL for the Medium publication you want to connect to Common Room, along with any topics you want to follow within a publication (optional).
  4. Begin data import: Your data will begin importing and may take up to a few hours, we’ll email you when everything’s ready. In the meantime, you can take a peek into Common Room. The charts and functionality may be a little empty to start, but they will populate as your data flows in.


The Medium integration with Common Room is available on Essentials, Team, and Enterprise plans. Common Room doesn't require any special permissions and adheres to Medium's terms of service.

Technical details

Contacts and Activity

Contacts are created from activities from new blog posts.

The Medium integration with Common Room enables you to configure which publications and topics you care about. Once the integration is set up, we'll create a new Contact and Activity for every new post that's made to the publication or tagged with the topic.

Import History

The Medium integration with Common Room will import the last 10 posts for each configured publication and topic. If you update the configuration, these changes are only forward-looking.

Sync frequency

The Medium integration with Common Room will import new posts every few minutes.


What should I do if I receive an error that "the following topics exceed our standard limit for Activity"

You can either narrow down the topic that you want to follow or contact us to request following the original topic.

Is there a limit to how many topics I can follow?

Currently, you can follow 20 topics.

I received the error, "The specified publication URL is not a valid Medium publication."

Our integration syncs only Medium publications, which are a different type of container for stories published by Medium users. Medium outlines the differences here.

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