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No more relying on irrelevant references to fuel your Outreach sequences. Craft messaging that converts by pairing Common Room’s deep buyer context from over 30 channels with your Outreach sequences to deliver the right message to the right buyer at the right time.

How our integration works:

  • Use Common Room playbook segments to group and sort high-fit Members by specific signal-based attributes like “Members engaged on social in the last 28 days” or “New Member Product Sign Ups in your Book of Business” etc.
  • Or dig into the Member profile to uncover a nugget of information that could be relevant for your outreach efforts. For example product usage, social engagement, demographic data, which can aid in determining the most suitable targeted sequence.
  • Select one or multiple Members to add to an Outreach sequence in just one click using or out-of-the-box Outreach integration.
  • Select from your sequences or company wide sequences to send the perfect outbound.
  • If you've identified successful plays, you can use Common Room Workflow Automations to automatically send specific Members that perform certain actions directly to a specific sequence. For example you can create a workflow that sends Members that visit the pricing page 3 or more times directly into a pricing page Outreach sequence for quick outreach.

When combined with the automation powers of Outreach sequencing, this integration significantly improves your chances of booking higher quality meetings.

About is a powerful sales engagement platform designed to automate and streamline various sales processes, including emailing and cold calling.

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