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Getting started

LinkedIn is a prime prospecting channel.

Buyers send out signals every time they engage with a relevant post. But they don’t always raise their hand by engaging directly with your company handle 🙋

In this playbook, we’ll show you how to capture public LinkedIn posts, reactions, and comments and use them to book more meetings—all with a click.

What you’ll need:

Common Room

Step 1: Activate Chrome Extension for LinkedIn

First things first, we need to get our Chrome Extension for LinkedIn up and running 🏃🏻

We’d log in to Common Room, go to Settings (the little ⚙️ icon at the bottom of the left sidebar) and click on Signals and integrations.

Select Signals and integrations

Then we’d click on Chrome Extension for LinkedIn and connect it.

Select Chrome Extension for LinkedIn

Now that the extension is fired up, any post we view on LinkedIn will have an “Add post” link attached to it in the upper right corner.

View Add post link

Okay, let’s turn LinkedIn posts into leads.

Step 2: Capture LinkedIn signals

Let’s say one of our competitors recently posted about a new feature launch.

Our product already offers this feature. People engaging with this post are ideal candidates for outreach 🙌

All we need to do is click “Add post” to pop open a new tab featuring our Chrome extension panel.

View Chrome extension panel

From here, we can add any person who reacted to or commented on the post as a contact in Common Room by clicking “Add post to Common Room.”

We can quickly find these contacts in Common Room by filtering them based on LinkedIn Extension.

Select LinkedIn Extension filter

Or, if we want to find contacts related to a specific post, we can use the Post interaction filter.

Select Post interaction filter

Even better, we can segment these buyers on the fly, either by sending them directly to an existing segment in Common Room or creating a new one from the Chrome extension.

Configure segment

Once they’re added, Common Room’s identity and enrichment engine—Person360™—will use AI and waterfall enrichment to create profiles for all contacts and their organizations.


If the person’s already tracked in Common Room, Person360 will use this activity data to enrich their existing profile.

Speaking of which, our Chrome extension allows us to access any contact’s Person360 profile directly from LinkedIn.

We’d simply navigate to any person’s profile page and select the Common Room logo on the right-hand side to pull it up.

View Person360 profile

From here we can send contacts to our sequencing tool, sync them with our CRM, add them to a segment, or access an LLM-generated outbound snippet—all without once switching screens.

In cases where we capture signals from organizations instead of people, Common Room will create a profile for the organization if one doesn’t currently exist.

No economic buyer from that organization active across your digital ecosystem? No problem.

We can use Common Room’s Prospector feature to quickly spin up a list of economic buyers who work at the company in question.

View Prospector

Okay, time to plan our outreach.

Step 3: Outbound high-intent prospects

Let’s say we added every person who engaged with our competitor’s post to a dedicated segment.

We can make sure these high-intent prospects are also high-fit by filtering them across any person- and account-level dimension, such as job title, budget authority, organization size, and tech stack.

View filters

Next we can learn a bit more about their organizations to inform our outbound. We’d simply click into their organization to ask RoomieAI™, our AI-powered account research assistant 🤖

View Ask RoomieAI

Using out-of-the-box or custom prompts, we can quickly learn more about a prospect organization’s customers, competitors, product lines, and much more.

Then we can take action directly from our segment. We’d simply click the dropdown menu to sync a contact’s records with Salesforce, add them to a HubSpot workflow, or put them in a personalized outbound sequence using our sequencer of choice.

View task options

We can even have RoomieAI draft up an intro message. These LLM-generated outbound snippets pull from all the actions and attributes tracked in Common Room.

View RoomieAI message snippet

Our message might look something like this:

Outbound template based on competitor post engagement

Wrapping up

Thar she blows 🐳

Now you can capture any LinkedIn signal you want, filter for buyer fit, and reach out at the right moment—quickly and easily.

Want to see a playbook on a different topic? Get in touch. And if you haven’t already, try Common Room for free.

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