How Temporal used customer intelligence to generate more than 50% of meetings booked

"Common Room gives our go-to-market team members daily feeds of users showing intent across multiple channels—all in one place. Over 50% of our meetings come from Common Room."

  • Tim Hughes

    Tim Hughes

    VP of Sales


Reaching the right person with the right message at the right time is a tall order for go-to-market teams—especially if they don’t have visibility into what buyers and customers are saying and doing across digital channels.

That’s why data-driven organizations like Temporal make sure all customer-facing teams—from sales to community and beyond—have access to the customer intelligence they need to build stronger relationships and drive revenue.

Here’s how Temporal used Common Room to:

  • Replace siloed data points with actionable insights
  • Boost sales efficiency by accelerating speed to lead
  • Improve outbound performance with personalized, relevant outreach

Break down signal silos

Temporal originally adopted Common Room to help its community team.

The company’s open-source software is used by tens of thousands of application developers. Monitoring, engaging, and nurturing this dev community is a crucial part of generating interest in the company’s paid offering, Temporal Cloud.

But with activity spread across so many channels—including Slack, GitHub, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, and more—it was difficult to keep tabs on community VIPs or spotlight commercial opportunities. Signals were chained to individual technologies and difficult to access.

Temporal uses Common Room to capture signals from all these channels and bring them together in one place.

🔦 Product spotlight: Integrations
Common Room’s integrations with dozens of data sources—including popular digital channels, CRMs, data warehouses, sales engagement platforms, and more—allow you to organize and access all your data in one place. This makes it easy to take action on buying signals fast.
“Common Room immediately gave us those points of proof—we knew how many members were in our community, what organizations were using Temporal, and how they were engaging,” said Head of Product Ryland Goldstein.

Common Room’s Person360™ technology automatically resolves the identities of people and organizations engaging with Temporal across digital touchpoints, unifies that activity into a single, enriched profile, and provides users with detailed demographic and firmographic information, such as job titles, work histories, contact information, and more.

🔦 Product spotlight: Person360
Common Room’s Person360 feature allows you to automatically collect, deanonymize, enrich, and match all signals to a unified profile for individuals and organizations. This makes it easy to connect with the people and companies behind buying signals with full context.
"Common Room is the command center for the Temporal community,” said Shawn Wang, Head of Developer Experience. “We love being able to get an overview of user activity at an individual and an organizational level.”

But the community team wasn’t the only part of GTM struggling with siloed signals. Soon enough, Common Room became the command center for another customer-facing team.

As Ryland put it:

"If I thought I was excited about Common Room, when the sales team first started using it, they were like: 'This is the best friend we've ever had.’”
Image of Person360

Temporal’s sales organization had limited visibility into buyer activity, both across developer  watering holes and its wider digital ecosystem. This meant reps were missing out on key indicators of where prospects were in the buying journey and the best ways to deliver value to them.

“Where I think Common Room is really a game-changer is in how it aggregates everything into one place,” said Gozie Nwachukwu, Head of Sales Development. “That has led to a lot of meetings and opportunities for our team just because you can reach out very quickly and get right in front of them.”

Temporal’s sales org now has a bird’s eye view of all activity happening across relevant digital  channels—from message boards to social media to open-source repositories—in real time and all in one place.

“That's the first place I check every single day and it's much easier to reach out to prospects very quickly,” Gozie said. “Using Common Room, I know immediately when someone posts a comment on LinkedIn or a question on a community forum.”

Prioritize high-intent, high-fit opportunities

Temporal’s SDRs don’t just use Common Room to build more pipeline—they also use it to build better pipeline.

“You always want to find the leads that you know are really likely to convert, and with Common Room, I can see that literally every day,” Gozie said.

Using Common Room’s customizable filters, reps can drill down into different attributes—such as job title, organization size, annual revenue, and dozens more—to make sure prospects are the right fit.

🔦 Product spotlight: Filters
Common Room’s filters feature allows you to highlight individuals and organizations based on any combination of factors. This makes it easy to surface specific people and companies based on firmographic details, cross-channel activities, product usage, and more.

Or it can let Common Room do it for them.

People and organizations can be automatically tagged as likely decision-makers with budget authority, companies that match an ideal customer profile, and more based on their characteristics and behaviors.

🔦 Product spotlight: Tags
Common Room’s tags feature allows you to automatically label individuals and organizations with specific tags based on customizable criteria. This makes it easy to quickly filter for economic buyers, ideal personas, product-qualified leads, and more.
“Common Room gives me a daily feed of all the prospects I want to engage from multiple channels all in one place,” Gozie said. “It saves me so much time and energy as far as prospecting and organizing my day.”
Image of filters and tags

Meanwhile, reps can make sure they stay on top of all the buyer activity they want to know about via automated alerts that ping them over Slack or email the instant something happens.

🔦 Product spotlight: Team alerts
Common Room’s team alerts feature allows you to automate alerts based on any combination of triggers and filters so you can see real-time activity from the people and accounts you care about. This makes it easy to always stay updated on specific individuals and organizations.
“Common Room has become an essential tool for us to find strong prospects that turn into fruitful meetings, and thus lead to great opportunities and pipeline,” Gozie said.

Outbound smarter and faster

Unlike account-based tools that only provide account-level information, Common Room helps Temporal’s GTM teams connect with the people behind the signals.

They know which topics will resonate most, as well as which channels people prefer to interact on. With insight into the conversations happening across digital touchpoints, Gozie and his teammates have the context they need to cut through the noise and directly address prospects’ questions, pain points, and goals.

“There are a ton of different data enrichment tools,” Gozie said. “So for a prospect, you can get their LinkedIn, their email, all different types of profiles. With Common Room, you actually figure out where they're being active. You know if they're using Slack or if they're using LinkedIn or if they're using a community forum, and with that, you can make your outreach a lot more personalized.”

People and companies can be added to dedicated segments built for different sales plays, such as economic buyers who are engaging with Temporal’s content on LinkedIn or ideal personas who are asking product-related questions on Reddit.

🔦 Product spotlight: Segments
Common Room’s segments feature allows you to combine activity data from across 30-plus channels with customer fit criteria, such as organization size and role. This makes it easy to quickly surface, monitor, and engage specific people and companies at scale.

These segments act as interactive burndown lists where reps can add contacts to personalized outbound sequences, visit prospects’ social profiles, send off Slack DMs, sync records with CRMs, and more.

Image of segments

At the same time, Common Room’s easy-to-use workflow automations give reps the ability to streamline outreach from end to end: signal capture, segmentation, and engagement.

🔦 Product spotlight: Workflows
Common Room’s workflows feature allows you to create and customize automations based on specific demographic, firmographic, and activity details. This makes it easy to quickly and scalably track, organize, and engage people and accounts.

In this way, time savings and pipeline generation go hand in hand for Temporal.

“Over 50% of my meetings come from Common Room,” Gozie said. “And these tend to be high-quality calls.”


More than half of Temporal’s sales meetings now come from Common Room.

"Common Room gives our go-to-market team members daily feeds of users showing intent across multiple channels—all in one place,” said Vice President of Sales Tim Hughes. “Over 50% of our meetings come from Common Room."

But generating new revenue isn’t the only benefit—Common Room is also key to improving efficiency across both sales and community.

“Not only does Common Room help us save time by getting to the most important conversations faster, it has become core to how we prioritize which organizations we spend our time with,” Tim said.

Temporal helps its customers create more reliable systems, faster. Common Room helps Temporal create more reliable pipeline just as quickly.

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