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How to build (and sell) products that users love—faster

Featuring Linda Lian, CEO & Co-founder at Common Room, Christine Spang, CTO & Co-founder at Nylas, and Hope Cochran, Managing Director at Madrona Ventures

End-users are more powerful—and plugged in—than ever before. They’re swapping stories with peers before purchase, and sharing all their product feedback across GitHub, Reddit, StackOverflow, LinkedIn, and more. Anyone not part of the conversation is missing out on product ideas, design partners, and revenue.

Tapping into the modern user journey allows organizations to tighten feedback loops in order to deliver better products for customers and better outcomes for the business.

In this Collision session replay, Common Room CEO & Co-founder Linda Lian, Nylas CTO & Co-founder Christine Spang, and Madrona Ventures Managing Director Hope Cochran discuss the modern user journey and more.

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