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Unlock insights from your community to grow happier customers, optimize targeting and qualification, and drive business impact.

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Make community insights a strategic advantage

  • Demystify your community: Know what your community is saying about your brand and your product, so you can take action to increase sentiment and improve your campaigns.
  • Supercharge your data and your outcomes: Common Room’s integrations allow you to bring product, customer, and community data together to provide actionable insights across the business to accelerate your funnel.
  • Understand the user journey: Learn and measure how community impacts product adoption and retention.
  • Bring your organization closer to your users: Quickly surface product feedback, new leads, and actionable insights from your community.

Accelerate community-led growth

  • Source new leads and improve qualification: Quickly identify community-led opportunities and enhance lead scoring with community activity data and Common Room’s unique contact enrichment capabilities.
  • Improve account-based marketing performance: Know where your champions are and identify new champions to improve your targeting and identify new potential prospects.
  • Measure community-attributed revenue: Connect business data sources to Common Room to demonstrate the impact of community investments.

The intelligent community growth platform for your whole company.

Head of Growth

Gain meaningful insights about the user journey, so you can increase new users and create happier customers through a self-sustaining channel.

Head of Marketing

Tap into your user flywheel by empowering your community, sharing insights across your organization, and investing in the right campaigns to grow revenue.

Chief Community Officer

Enable your team to save time, invest in new community programs, and demonstrate the value of community to your company.

Today's fastest-growing companies are powered by thriving communities.

Atlassian Community

Common Room provides the necessary infrastructure for teams across Atlassian to scale their customer engagement efforts in a coordinated and customer-centric fashion.

  • Stephanie Grice

    Stephanie Grice

    Head of Global Community & Customer Advocacy


“Common Room is the command center for the Temporal community. We love being able to get an overview of user activity at an individual and organizational level.”


Common Room empowers us to take action in a very direct way that clearly ladders up to the success of our business and, most importantly, the success of Asana’s customers.

  • Joshua Zerkel

    Joshua Zerkel

    Head of Global Engagement Marketing

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Common Room brings together community engagement, product usage, and customer data into a single place, enabling you to quickly understand your community ROI on the business and to easily download and share reports with stakeholders so they can quickly understand it too.

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Financially quantifying the value of your community is challenging. In this article, we dive into what community-attributed revenue is and how to measure it, so you can concretely demonstrate the impact of your programs to stakeholders and executive leaders.

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