Customer journey mapping & hybrid GTM models feat Giancarlo Lionetti (Zapier) [VIDEO]

In this video, Giancarlo ‘GC’ Lionetti, CRO at Zapier, provides guidance on the most effective go-to-market strategies based on his experiences as a leader at Confluent, Dropbox, and Atlassian.

In the conversation, GC and Linda Lian, CEO & co-founder at Common Room, discuss how:

  • The most successful organizations will deploy a hybrid go-to-market that combines product-led growth and human-led (or sales-led) elements to deliver the best customer experience and maximize revenue impact for the organization.
  • Community drives growth across GTM approaches, powering a PLG self-serve model through end-user engagement (like at Atlassian) and providing critical context and insights into how to best deliver customer value in a sales-led motion (like Confluent).
  • The criticality of mapping your user journey—both actual and ideal—to identify the customer experience you want your organization to deliver. Build this map by connecting the dots between what’s happening with one user from the top of the funnel all the way through purchase.
  • A challenging environment presents the opportunity to reinvent or revisit your GTM approach for a more durable long-term strategy.

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