Cultivating community value for customer adoption with Douglas Hanna (Grafana Labs) [VIDEO]

In this Uncommon Visionaries video, Douglas Hanna, COO at Grafana Labs, shares how the organization has found success as an open source software company through its community—both in driving innovation for users as well as results for the business.

Douglas and Linda Lian, CEO & co-founder at Common Room, discuss how:

  • Community feeds the top of the funnel by driving product adoption—an open source solution in Grafana Labs’ case—which then offers the ability to land and expand where the organization can offer enhanced value.
  • Value creation for the community must precede value capture for the business. This applies to all aspects of a go-to-market from the open source or freemium product offered to the events and programming put on for the community to the consultative approach sales teams must take.
  • Cultivating a community enables “demand curation” over demand generation, where the focus is not on generating new interest from scratch, but meeting existing users at the right time on their customer journey to provide support or align an offering that fulfills their needs.
  • Organizations should focus on what they can control in tougher economic times—supporting customers and helping them understand and articulate the value of their solutions.

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