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Mar 13th, 2024

Deliver the right message at the right time with our Outreach integration

Still relying on irrelevant references to fuel your Outreach sequences?

Crafting effective outbound in today's market can be challenging. Modern buyers like to do their own research and new email rules have made it that much more important to nail the message the first time around.

Plus, buyers tend to steer clear of direct engagement with sellers until they’re deep into the buying process. Research shows that sales reps only have 16% of the buying cycle to influence purchases.

Knowing precisely where the buyer is in their journey is crucial to hit the bullseye with your message.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new Outreach integration and partnership!

“Common Room’s deep buyer intelligence capabilities, integrated with Outreach’s Sales Execution Platform, enables sales reps to make each sales touch as contextual and relevant to the buyer as possible. By seamlessly integrating buyer signals directly into seller workflows, reps are able to more effectively build pipeline and close deals."

—Phillip Friedman, Global Head of Partner & Ecosystem at Outreach

Outreach is a powerful sales execution platform designed to intelligently automate and optimize various sales processes, from prospecting to deal management to forecasting.

Common Room is your rep's go-to source for understanding your buyers on a deeper level. We aggregate and analyze buyer data from over 30 different channels, covering everything from product usage in your data warehouse to social interactions on Linkedin to community engagement on Slack, and much more.

When you combine Common Room’s deep, deanonymized, and person-level insights with the powerful automation features of Outreach sequencing, reps are empowered to craft relevant messaging that leads to higher-quality meetings.

Here's how sales reps can leverage Common Room and Outreach together to book better meetings and accelerate pipeline conversion.

Spot high-quality leads for targeted outreach

With Common Room, reps can spot high-quality leads and craft relevant outbound messages that generate real responses.

Common Room captures all of your buying signals—from product to social to community and beyond—and ties them to a Person360™ profile, a unified, deanonymized, person-level identity.

Using playbook segments, reps can get a list view of top members (aka hot leads and customers) segmented by any attribute to power their Outreach sales plays.

Examples of playbook segments include:

  • Economic buyers in accounts with active product usage
  • Social-engaged members at target accounts
  • Community members with job changes in the last six months

You can slice and dice the information any way you want using hundreds of filters to determine the best play for your outreach.

Image of playbook segments

Playbook segments leverage hundreds of out-of-the-box filters and unlimited custom filters so you can get as granular as you want in your segmentation, including product usage, webpage visits, social reactions, community activity, job-change activity, and much more.

Run specific sequence plays based on any of these factors to drive better personalization.

Image of filters

Seamlessly add buyers to any Outreach sequence

Once you’ve selected one or multiple people from your playbook segments, you can add them to a sequence directly from Common Room with just one click. Reps can select from any of your org-wide “All sequences” or browse “My sequences” to choose from their own. Individuals added to any sequence will automatically be synced to your CRM of choice.

When combined with the automation powers of Outreach sequencing, this integration significantly improves your chances of booking higher-quality meetings and saves reps time on toggling between multiple solutions.

Adding members to a sequence from Common Room is simple. Reps can manually add one or multiple members directly from the task list view on the home page.

Image of task list view

Alternatively, reps can explore the member’s Person360 profile in detail to look for nuggets of information that could be relevant for outreach or selecting the right sequence, such as specific product usage, social engagements, firmographic data, and more.

Once you find a relevant data point to use, you can add members to a sequence by selecting the “Add to Outreach” button located at the top of the person’s Person360 profile.

Image of Person360 profile

Automate proven sales plays

If you've identified successful plays, you can automate the task of adding members to a sequence through Common Room’s workflow automations.

Thanks to our smooth integration with Outreach, your sales team gets a wealth of context at their fingertips, empowering them to place the right leads into the right Outreach sequences at the right time.

This significantly increases the odds of successfully securing those crucial meetings.

Now you can see what your buyers care about most with a complete view into their job histories and actions across your product, your website, social networks, community forums, and beyond.

Achieve deeper buyer connections today. Learn more by reading our docs.

Unlock the power of Outreach with Common Room

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