Uncommon Conversations

Building Global Communities at Notion

with Francisco Cruz-Mendoza, Community Manager at Notion, and Rebecca Marshburn, Head of Community at Common Room

Learn how Francisco Cruz-Mendoza, Community Manager at Notion, engages, grows, and supports Notion community members across the world through their Notion ambassador program, user-created content, digital and online events, university initiatives, and online community channels. His insights offer ideas and takeaways for community and DevRel managers, leaders, and teams looking to expand and connect their user communities.

In this convo, Francisco shares about:

  • Ideas for online events including topic-based webinars, product-focused sessions, and casual online gatherings and co-working sessions
  • Activating and supporting Notion Ambassadors to help run, manage, and expand events in their local communities through the Notion Grant Program
  • Measuring the success of community events: Registrations, attendees, return attendees, buzz, feedback, and more

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