Community Responsiveness

Last updated Jun 19th, 2024


The community responsiveness report helps you see where Contacts are most likely to respond to one another.

Healthy communities are self-sustaining and a place where people are giving back to each other. It gives you insights into where your Contacts interact with each other most and how often they reply to each other.


The community responsiveness page shows the following reports:

Community responsiveness overview
See where Contacts are most likely to respond to one another, broken down by median response time and by signal.
Community responsiveness
See how often and how quickly Contacts receive a reply.

The community responsiveness report also shows your team’s median time to first respond to a Contact's post. In addition to monitoring overall response time, you can view how it varies across different channels to see which ones are most active or might need more moderators, and use this as a metric for the first time to respond.

The community responsiveness report is available for the following signal:

  • Discord
  • Discourse
  • Github
  • inSided
  • Intercom
  • Khoros
  • Slack
  • Stack Overflow

Responsiveness calculation details

Responsiveness calculation overview

Responsiveness is calculated based on the first interaction from a Contact other than the author of the original post. Responses include comments, replies, and in-line responses and exclude reactions (more details below).

Intelligent synthetic conversations

Since not all signals have a concept of threaded conversations, Common Room’s intelligence platform creates synthetic conversations to determine if an active conversation is happening on a community channel. This intelligence is applied when calculating responsiveness as well. Specifically:

  • In-line responses are included in community responsiveness. Since not all signals have threaded conversations and not all conversations take place in a threaded manner (some conversations take place in-line), Common Room intelligently includes threaded and in-line responses when calculating community responsiveness.
  • Self-responses are not included in community responsiveness. If a Contact posts and then quickly post again and/or replies to their post with clarifying questions, this is treated as a single conversation with no replies since we know it was the same person posting.

Improving community response rates

To take action on conversations that have no replies and improve the responsiveness rate, you can click on 'No replies' in the overview module or in 'See all conversations', and that will take you to an activity feed with all conversations that have the label 'No replies'.


What does Total Response Rate represent?

Out of all the conversations that occurred in your community, this is the amount that had a reply from anyone in the community (including and outside of your team)

What does "Conversations Including Team Members" represent?

Out of all conversations in your community, this is how many your team responded to. The remaining percentage would include conversations with replies from Contacts outside your team as well as activity with no reply.

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