Team access

Last updated Jul 2nd, 2024


The team access settings page allows you to manage personas and permissions and allow access for your team, including the full list of users and their role types.


Personas allow Common Room teammates with Owner permissions to organize teammates within your organization by their function (for example, Account Executives, Managers, or Developer Advocates), and create segment templates that apply to all Contacts of that persona.

Create or edit personas

Common Room provides several default personas, but you can create new personas for any position in your organization. To create a new persona, open Settings → Team access, then click Create a new persona. Afterward, you can add segment templates and teammates to the persona.

Default Personas
Account Executives
Community Managers
Developer Advocates
Business Development Representatives

Add segment templates to a persona

You can create Contact and organization segment templates to add to a persona. For either option, you'll be able to configure the basic info, configure settings, and edit columns of the template.


Fill out the basic information related to your segment template, including the name and description. Additionally, options include:

  • Adding the segment to your teammate's "Home" view
  • Adding the segment to your teammate's "My Segment" view
  • Defaulting the segment to the task view


The segment template settings allow you to set criteria for automatically adding or removing Contacts from the segment. Additionally, you're required to select a custom field to use to auto-match your teammates to the segment. For example, if you've integrated Salesforce with Common Room, you can use the Salesforce Account Owner Name to auto-match account owners to your segment.

Additionally, you can set up custom statuses to auto-update within your segment.

Edit columns

Configure the table sorting and default table columns for your segment.

Editing segments created by a template

Segments that are created by a template cannot be edited to change the auto-add/remove rules, the name of the segment, the description, or archive status. All other aspects of the segment are editable but may be overwritten by the segment template when it is updated.

Add teammates to a persona

To add teammates to a persona, click the Add Teammate button in the teammates table.

Add teammates

  1. To add a teammate to Common Room, click + Add teammate.
  2. Then, select the role that you'd like that teammate to have.
  3. After selecting the teammates role, add their email address to finish inviting them to Common Room.
  4. To add a teammate to Common Room, click + Add teammate.
  5. Then, select the role that you'd like that teammate to have.
  6. After selecting the teammates role, add their email addresses to finish inviting them to Common Room.

Common Room Roles:

Owner: Has full permissions, including changing role types for users, making any edit changes in Common Room, and adding new team members. Owners receive 'Request access.'

Editor: Has edit permissions that enable them to make any edit change in Common Room. They can set up team alerts, write team notes, create custom reports, add to activity timelines, and merge Contacts. They can add teammates as Editors or Viewers.
Viewer: Has view-only access to Common Room and can share views (reports, segments, etc) as well as write team notes.

Edit teammates

If you have Owner permissions, you can to edit other teammates in Common Room. To edit a teammate, click Edit next to their name. This will open their teammate page where you can make changes as needed.

Edit a teammate's permissions

To adjust the permissions of a teammate, click Permissions menu at the top-right of the screen.

Edit a teammate's segments

When editing a teammates profile, you'll see a list of segments. Segments on home is a list of segments that a teammate has added to their Common Room home page. My segments is a list of segments that a teammate has created.

For both lists of segments you can make several types of edits on behalf of the teammate you're viewing:

  • Add a segment to their homepage or to their "My segments" view
  • Edit a segment that they've created
  • Remove a segment from their homepage or to their "My segments" view


Can I add a teammate that's outside of my organization?

Yes. First, open settings and go to the general page. Click the option at the bottom of the page to allow invites to users with emails outside of your organization. These external teammates will need a GSuite, GitHub, or Microsoft account associated with their email address in order to join your room.

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