Link Tracking Website Visitors

Last updated Jun 19th, 2024

You can achieve even higher visibility for individual visitors to your website by tracking clicks on links in marketing and sales messages sent to your customers and prospects. You will need to add a parameter to links within message templates in your marketing and sales tools.

Add the URL Parameter

At the end of each link add the URL parameter cr_email={{email}} using whatever email token is correct for your system.

Email Token/Variable

Email address variables from tools you might be using:

  1. HubSpot uses {{}}
  2. uses {{email}}
  3. Outreach uses {{email}}
  4. Salesloft uses {{email_address}}

Encoded Email Address (optional)

You may prefer to encode the email address. For example, HubSpot uses the following variable for base64 encoded emails: {{contact.base64_email}}

You will need to use an alternate URL param: cr_e={{email}}

TIP: How to Add Parameters Correctly

If this parameter is the first, you will need to add a ? at the beginning.{{email}}

If the parameter follows others (like UTMs) you will need to add a & like so...{{email}}

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