Economic buyer activity

Why it matters

Product users aren’t always purchase decision-makers.

When you spot an economic buyer engaging in your digital ecosystem—whether it’s a product sign-up, social follow, community join or something else—you should pay attention. This is your chance to sell directly to the person holding the purse strings.

What to do

Focus on proving business impact and alleviating fears of risk when you reach out.

Economic buyers are far less likely to be wowed by feature sets than end users. They’re concerned with ROI and how your product will help them achieve long-term objectives.

Questions to inform outreach
  • What department is the person part of?
  • Is the person the main decision-maker?
  • Who are the other stakeholders at the person’s organization?
  • How has the person interacted with your organization?
  • How familiar is the person with your product?
  • What materials can you share to assist with research and decision-making?

How to do it

Here’s an outbound template to help you get the creative juices flowing:

Outbound template for economic buyers

Hi [first name],

Seeing as you head up [department name] at [company name], I'm guessing [benefit that product unlocks] is top of mind.

We helped [relevant company] do just that through [feature to unlock the benefit].

Here's a quote from their [peer role]:

[drop in quote or customer story]

Any interest in exploring further?

[Your name]

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