Tech stack adjacency

Why it matters

It’s worth knowing if your product can enhance a prospect’s tech investment—or replace it.

When buyers have tech stacks that complement your product, it’s easier to make your case. And if they’re using a solution you can rip and replace? Now’s a good time to revisit your internal battle cards.

What to do

Tailor your outreach based on the prospect’s tech stack configuration.

If you have a product that unlocks more value for their existing tech stack, lead with that. If you have a product that can replace one of their solutions (especially at a lower cost), highlight real-world examples from relevant customers.

Questions to inform outreach
  • How is their organization’s tech stack configured?
  • Has the person shared any information about challenges or goals?
  • What department is the person part of?
  • Is the person the main decision-maker?
  • How familiar is the person with your product?
  • What information can you share to show the value of your product?

How to do it

Here are some outbound templates to help you get the creative juices flowing:

Outbound template for complementary tech stack

Hi [first name] 👋

I see you’re using [product name].

We help [names of current customers in the same industry] unlock the full value of [product name] using [your product or service].

One example is [drop use case or customer story].

Also attaching some resourcers that answer FAQs about [product name] [attach materials to bottom of message].

Let me know if you want to chat.

[Your name]

Outbound template for competitive tech stack

Hi [first name] 👋

I see you’re using [product name].

We’ve seen [names of current customers in the same industry] achieve better business outcomes after switching to [product name].

I’ve attached a few customer stories below to show you what I mean [attach or link resources].

Sharing all of this because we've helped hundreds of others like [company name] make the switch.


[Your name]

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