Gmail sign-up enrichment

Why it matters

When someone hands over their email information—particularly when signing up for a free trial of your product—they’re raising their hand.

That said, a personal email address will only tell you so much. It’s worth digging deeper into who that person is, where they work, and whether they’re worth firing up your outbound engine.

What to do

Connect the dots between the semi-anonymous email address and the person behind it.

If the individual warrants further attention—say because they’re an economic buyer or they match your ideal persona—craft outreach based on their recent actions and attributes.

Questions to inform outreach
  • What department is the person part of?
  • Is the person in a role with budget authority?
  • What actions is the person taking in your product?
  • Is anyone else from the person’s organization active in your product?
  • Is anyone at their organization interacting with your organization?
  • Does anyone at your organization have a relationship with anyone at their organization?

How to do it

Here’s an outbound template to help you get the creative juices flowing:

Outbound template for product gmail sign-up enrichment

Hi [first name] 👋

Quick pulse check on how your experience with [product name] is going?

Always happy to hear any feedback or answer any questions.

One thing I always recommend people to check out is [feature], as it helps [mention value that feature unlocks].

We recently helped [relevant company] do just that. Here's a quote from their [peer role]:

[drop in quote or customer story]

Let me know if you want to walk through that use case or anything else.

[Your name]

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