Product link share

Why it matters

When users share product links with non-users, it’s a sign of shared value (and the potential to expand).

Time to see if more product seats might be helpful.

What to do

You want to reach out to the budget holder, not necessarily the person sending or receiving links.

Tailor your message based on the product activity you’re seeing and the potential pain points, like security risks or limited functionality. If you’re asking someone to spend more, it’s worth giving them a reason to grow their number of licenses.

Questions to inform outreach
  • What departments are the users part of?
  • Are any of them in roles with budget authority?
  • Who do the users report to at their organization?
  • What actions are users taking in your product?
  • What plan is the account on?
  • What is the status of the account’s relationship with your organization?

How to do it

Here’s an outbound template to help you get the creative juices flowing:

Outbound template for product link share

Hi [first name],

Looks like your team is quite active in [product name] and pretty regularly sharing links with users outside the product.

Love that they’re getting value from it!

JIC you’re interested in unlocking more seats, I put together some resources to help you explore what’s possible on your current plan [attach materials to bottom of message].

This would help the team [benefit more seats would unlock or risks more seats would prevent].

Any interest in exploring further?

[Your name]

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