Community without compromise: strategies for keeping digital relationships personal at enterprise scale

with Dani Weinstein, Director of Community Strategy at SAP, Michael Cooksey, Head of Qualtrics XM Community, and Reinaldo Parreiras, Global Head of Community at Intel

Building one-on-one relationships with community members is one of the most rewarding and impactful parts of leading a community program—but how do you scale to meet member needs when one turns into one hundred thousand? And how do you manage an ever-growing pack of internal stakeholders to ensure they understand (and contribute to) the value of your user community?

Hear from community leaders at SAP, Qualtrics, and Intel on how they tackle the challenge of enterprise scale without compromising the core human connections that comprise community.

In this conversation with community leaders supporting $300B+ in business, you’ll learn:

  • Strategies for managing community programs at the largest scale—and how these lessons can apply to an organization of any size
  • How to effectively define “community” within your organization in a way the resonates with stakeholders and showcases the the full digital footprint of how members engage
  • Tips on navigating the balance between showcasing how community benefits the business without losing focus on the primary goal of delivering member value.

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